This rustic natural home
is made of mud,
mango tree, a tree house
made of bamboo,
and absolute silence.

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Pay for the silence. Get food & bed absolutely free!



You’ve done everything to make a living.
Now, do nothing to get a life.


Meditate, read, sleep, sing, play music,
listen to the wind, meet a friend, pen a poem,
paint a picture, dream, embrace silence…

What Aura Kalari customers have to say

Reema Kallingal

Aura Kalari is such a surprise. A wonderful surprise at it. Such a lovely space to relax, reflect and create. Waiting for the next time we are back here.

Reema Kallingal Malayalam Film Actress
Ashiq Abu

Awesome Space. Loved this ambience.

Ashiq Abu Award winning Malayalam Film Director
Prakash Belawadi

It’s beautiful. I think a note on the architectural principle and the aesthetic objective should be hung somewhere.

Prakash Belawadi Theatre / Film Personality
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