Listen to the music of nature or the calming whisper of the trees.
Close your eyes and feel the nirvana

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Sit across the table. Enjoy the calmness.
In case you need a break, order a cup of tea.


Treetop Dining Table at Aura Kalari

Treehouse Bedroom at Aura Kalari




1 bed, bath, dining, living area in the Tree House
2 bed, bath, dining, living &
meditation mount in the Mud House
1 bed, bath, courtyard, water body and Buddha’s Stone


Coffee/Tea, 3 times home made food with a choice of Non-Veg & Veg

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Waterbody of the Courtyard at Aura Kalari

Courtyard of Aura Kalari

Aura Kalari's main hall

Mudhouse bedroom of Aura Kalari

Homemade food available at Aura Kalari

Homemade food available at Aura Kalari

Aura Kalari provides only the space, food, and refreshments.
Entertainment of any nature will be at the discretion of the guests….


Aura Kalari does not provide liquor.