Built in 2014, Aura Kalari Tree & Mud Homestay offers
a unique experience to those who seek solace.
Far from the maddening city life, this is located in the suburbs.

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Do Nothing!

Break away from the mundane. Give your soul the space and
your body the rest it deserves…
in a tight embrace of the calming silence.

Come home to Earth

We don’t provide luxury. Our aim is to remind people about the earth and the meaning of true life. And we encourage those who seek happiness to come and feel the earth, not the claustrophobia of cement walls.

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Sleep Well

We can accommodate up to eight guests. Unless you’re willing to
sleep on the mud floor or inside a tent.


Eat when you want to.

Our cook has a menu of his. It may surprise you by its taste and simplicity.
But then he isn’t just a cook!